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This friend from the sea is a dolphin of small size, grayish or brownish, that lives in shallow waters and near the coast, in the […]

Gray brocket

The gray brocket is a small deer. Its coloration can be reddish brown, brown or grayish. The male has fine antlers up to 15 cm […]

Maned wolf

This cute quadruped is a canid with reddish fur and black legs that can reach up to 70 cm high. Such characteristics make it easily […]


The jaguar is the largest feline in America and third in size in the family made up of 45 other species of felines. Although it […]


The peccary is a wild relative of the Pigs. It inhabits riverine forests, but throughout its distribution in Brazil and other countries of South America, […]


This reptile is a close relative of the crocodile. It can be up to 3 meters long and weigh 90 kilograms, but most do not […]

Guardians of the Coast

Guardians of The Coast emerged in 2015 inspired by previous movements (Coastal Ecology) and in reaction to the environmental and social problems observed along the […]